The MBA establishes certain rights for authors when it comes to protecting their creative work. These provisions are guaranteed and enforced by the MBA, but it is also beneficial for authors to know their rights so that they can trust their employers to treat them and complete their work with fairness and respect. The WGA offers guides for writers covering a number of topics covered on the MBA pages, including: The Writers Guild of America sent an email Wednesday revealing details of the new three-year television/theater deal that concluded Tuesday night with major studios, claiming that the coronavirus pandemic and economic circumstances had hampered their campaign. to make a lot of desired profits for writers. In a memo of 1. In July, to members of the Writers Guild, the organization`s Minimum Basic Agreement Committee announced that it had unanimously approved a preliminary agreement with the AMPTP. The committee said the total three-year package is estimated at more than $200 million. The new agreement also includes the abolition of author training and discounts for new authors that are below the minimum requirements for screen and television newcomers, which are suspected of disproportionately affecting under-represented groups. a new paid parental leave fund; as well as pension fund increases. It also improves the protection of television writers in the areas of options and exclusivity, and increases the number of authors covered by so-called scope protection, which limits the time writers spend working on individual episodes.

This was a high priority for the guild, as more and more shows on streaming platforms are being moved to short-season shows. Guild leaders say the benefits of the New Deal are estimated at more than $200 million over three years, including a 46 percent increase in arrears due to high-budget streaming shows, additional funds for the guild`s pension plan, and parental leave. Read the guild dea summary below. The 35-member panel said many of the new terms of the Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA) follow those recently negotiated by SAG-AFTRA and the Directors Guild of America, including increasing subscription VOD residues. The proposed three-year deal, worth $200 million over three years, includes higher arrears for shows broadcast on streaming platforms, new paid parental leave for all writers eligible for health insurance and an increase in employer contributions to the union`s pension plan, the union said. 18:18 PDT 01.07.2020 by Jonathan Handel FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME Increase in pension plan contributions The pension contribution on reportable income increases by 1.5% at the beginning of the agreement – from 8.5% to 10% for most income and from 7% to 8.5% for pilots and the first seasons of one-hour dramas. The guild has the right to divert an additional 1.25% (total) of various minimum increases during the second and third year of the contract, which could increase the total pension contribution rate to 11.25% by May 2022. The new agreement will apply retroactively to 2 May.

The previous contract ended on the 1st. May, but negotiations were delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak and the deadline was extended to June 30. Negotiators reached a provisional agreement on the terms on Tuesday evening; It was approved by the union`s bargaining committee on Wednesday, but has not yet been ratified by members, the WGA said in a statement. Here you will find other freelance contracts and agreements, e.B. the low-budget agreement, the side letter on new media and cooperation agreements. .