In addition, SPPA agreements can be positive for the host client from the date the system is commissioned. With a solar AAA, you don`t have the equipment on your roof. This means that if your solar panel system needs to be maintained or maintained, it is the responsibility of the EFA financier to take care of the necessary maintenance and work and pay for it. On the other hand, if you own your system, you usually need to do all the necessary maintenance work. Remember that rooftop solar panel systems usually require very little maintenance because they are stationary. If you own your system, you have several guarantees to protect yourself! As mentioned above, the solar designer takes care of the entire solar module installation process. The benefits for the consumer are the reduction of energy costs. The developer mentioned above – the owner of the system – sells the electricity produced by the solar installation to the consumer at a fixed price generally lower than the price offered by the customer`s distribution company. This clearly benefits the consumer, as they have access to stable and cheap energy for the duration of the NSA, which is usually between 10 and 25 years. By providing this cheaper energy, the developer compensates for the purchase of network flows by the consumer. Solar electricity is purchased at a much cheaper price than that available by your current energy supplier The solar service provider acts as the project coordinator and arranges the financing, design, approval and construction of the system. The solar service provider takes care of the solar modules for the project by a photovoltaic panel manufacturer who takes guarantees for the equipment of the installation.