You can relax if you know that each DISH package comes with your local networks (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC) as well as ESPN, Disney Channel, HGTV and Food Network. Don`t you feel better when you know you`ll get your first take, flip flop or flip flop and Chopped Fix even with the most basic channel package? It feels better. While we have no jurisdiction over how the companies we`ve controlled, we certainly don`t encourage bad customer service or lies. I just ordered the court 2/10/2017 Hopper 4k etc. The image quality for sports games is terrible (bluish) it is correct when slowed down or close-up, but when I see a basketball game, a football game or a football game, the players become blurry, hurt my eyes. I used to have direct TV (perfect picture) and xfinity Comcast (good picture). Let me know if you are putting people back into the world of work. I just get here. The worst cable and the internet and customer service I`ve ever experienced. The internet was so slow at first that it couldn`t work either.

One day it really stopped working and I probably called 5 times and no one went out to fix the problem for almost a month! I even spoke to a superior who pretended it wasn`t his problem. The woman I spoke with on the phone was rude and could take care of it less. It`s one problem at a time with this company. Comcast is so much better, and I would recommend it. I have been using the court since 2014 with a recipient – in February-month I decided to be second with the reniew contract, it does not work for me – I came back – I asked for representatives and she suggested, now I am still in a new contract. Last month I reduced my service because I can`t afford it – and this month I received a double bill, I want to cancel my account, but I can`t. It is a manipulative language that they use when they are called. Delay In the event of a delay in your obligations under this Agreement, you authorize (Matrix Inc) to charge your credit card for $99.00. In the event that you dispute this amount or if the tax is dishonored or refused for any reason, (Matrix inc) has the right to report the matter to the national credit agencies and may bring any other recourse. If you fall in the first 12 months below 100 classics, a tax of 49.00 is charged. They also agree to pay all third party collection fees. “Royalties are collected at that time by (Matrix inc).”