Just as a settlement agreement prevents an employee from asserting rights before the labour court, a COT3 draws a line under the duties collected and can also prevent other claims from being sued in court. The main difference between the two types of agreements is the participation of ACAS. Sometimes a transaction agreement may require “confirmation”. This may be appropriate if a worker or employee signs the agreement well in advance of its effective withdrawal date. This is technically a “transaction agreement as part of a transaction agreement” and asks the employee to reconsued the terms of the agreement and confirm that no new claims were created between the signing of the original agreement and the termination of the business. Almost all the labor rights granted to workers can be found in government legislation. For example, if you are a shareholder, check your share contract, you may need to resell your shares after your employment relationship has ended. A settlement agreement must allow a “clean termination” of the employment relationship. It is only legally binding if the person is advised independently of the terms and effects of the agreement by a relevant independent advisor, for example. B a certified lawyer or union representative.

The agreement must also be in writing, indicate the specific rights of the worker or worker, his or her legal counsel must be mentioned in the agreement and must have professional liability insurance and contain a statement confirming that these conditions have been met.