Routine maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle. You have the option to maintain your vehicle in a repairman of your choice. Just follow the maintenance schedule described in your warranty to always ® agreement and you are insured for life. Towing and car rental coverage is not provided by your Forever® warranty agreement. However, if you have acquired a renewed service contract, it is very likely that your contract will offer you this coverage. There is no catch; This program is available free of charge. The only condition is that you follow the usual maintenance described in your contract and keep a record of all the usual maintenance work. Maintenance data can be easily backed up in the NAE/NWAN Connect app. All services must be provided by a professional service.

This allows you to provide appropriate documentation and process the services provided on your vehicle. You will find detailed information on the usual maintenance requirements in your warranty forever® agreement. Follow all the usual maintenance instructions described in your warranty to always ® agreement. Contact us if you have any questions or other information at any time. The covered parts listed below are the items that are covered by the warranty forever ® agreement. If it is not mentioned, will not be covered. Car rental costs are not covered by the warranty forever® agreement. The recommended maintenance should be done when your indicator tells you about maintenance, but should not exceed the maintenance intervals described in your warranty® agreement. For further questions, please contact a damage specialist at 800-810-8458. You have an obligation to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the usual maintenance described in your warranty to always ® agreement.

The program covers the engine, transmission and engine axle components mentioned in the agreement as long as you own your vehicle, regardless of the length of your vehicle and the number of miles you drive. Guarantee Forever Agreement Number or 8 latest VIN Figures – Date of Planned Maintenance Date- Name of licensed repairer in which maintenance work will be performed`- Maintenance you have completed ` Current mileage meter` All additional questions you may have `See warranty forever® agreement for full details You can find a dealer by visiting our site, and submit an application on the contact page.