A service credit system is a compensation system for the other party if the provider does not operate at the agreed level. This story, “10 Myths about Service Level Agreements” was originally published by ITworld. it can be linked by the number of cases in which the provider does not meet the level of service. There is a simple reason why service level agreements for most service providers are not included in a standard employment contract. Changes to a signed contract can be costly. That`s not to mention the weather. A contract is designed to last a year or more, while THE SLAs are created, which are regularly revised, depending on the type of service and requirements listed. The contract may then relate to the agreed ALS, but it is nevertheless legally binding. In conclusion, I would like to say that this is a question of your business preference and leadership, but the objective here was to make people think and allow some changes in the way we see and structure our programs. So I`m going to ask you three questions. 1. How is your program structured? 2.

Who is the true beneficiary of your current program, you or your service provider? 3. How do you monitor your service providers to ensure you get the quality and performance you and your customers expect? ALS defines the service your organization expects from a lender and determines how to measure service and determines corrective actions or possible penalties for non-compliance with agreed service levels. It should clearly state metrics, responsibilities, expectations and timing and frequency, so that in the event of a problem, there is an objective measure that can be used to measure compliance with contractual conditions. It ensures that all parties have the same understanding of the requirements. Whether your organization has implemented a service level contract or agreement with a credit card, both must be managed and audited regularly. Both should not be considered a static document because they change. Both must be actively monitored, managed and under-managed for change management and follow-up over the life of the credit relationship. Consistent and defined performance controls are essential to determine the effectiveness of a service provider in each program. Understanding what is being verified, how they are checking and how this data has an impact on your program, such as the above tracking and reporting, is something consistent in THE WINNER SLA.

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