Miso and SPP could, as early as next year, create a smaller category of inter-regional transport projects together to cope with costly overloads. | Miso, SPP MISO and SPP agreed to submit amendments to their joint enterprise agreement, which they said would work smoothly to exploit the approval of inter-regional projects. | © RTO Insider The SPP Regional Entity`s board of directors has officially denounced the UC regional delegation agreement with effect at 17.m CT on 31 August. | NERC MISO and PJM have 65 days to assess the impact of retirement generators as part of the joint enterprise agreement drawn up on compliance with a DEC directive. FERC informed MISO, PJM and SPP that their joint enterprise agreements did not provide sufficient clarity as to how RDOs handle generator assemblies along their seams. | EDF Renewable Energy MISO is working with PJM to coordinate its studies on Generator`s pensions, without changing the rates of the RTOs. These planning efforts have increased in parallel with the development of broader markets and the national and federal interest in promoting enhanced coordination, particularly along the inter-regional seams. Studies examine the impact of regional transmission plans, production link requests and profitability opportunities. The SERTP is a collection of transmission planners in the Serc Reliability Corporation region of the National Electric Reliability Corporation, under the responsibility of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. FERC reversed the course and stated that MISO, SPP and PJM do not have to rely on each other`s shipping assumptions to conduct a study on a relevant system. | MISO Looking for more stories on this subject? Try using the search function.

MISO and SPP announced a one-year transmission study to identify projects with “comprehensive, cost-effective and effective upgrades.” | ACES FERC has issued orders to review the way MISO treats its neighbours when it comes to including electricity flows between RTO and Manitoba Hydro. | Manitoba Hydro THE EIPC is a coordination of transmission planning between planning bodies through the Eastern Interconnection. . Ferc approved the changes to the PJM-MISO JOA with respect to coordinated system plans and also approved a strengthening of location control requirements in MISO`s interconnection procedures. | MISO, PJM Inter-regional planning is integrated into the regional transmission extension planning (RTEP) process specific to pJM, in agreement with the following: MISO and SPP plan to submit a slightly revised version of the proposed amendments to their JOA to make a first inter-regional project more accessible.