Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, there are times when you have to break your lease sooner than expected. The establishment and signing of a lease termination agreement with the other party terminates your agreement between the landlord and the tenant. With a written agreement, you can go ahead and find new rental situations that work for you. The purpose of this letter is to act as a notice for my lease. I am currently a tenant at the above address under the terms of a rental agreement that expires on [Lease.ExpirationDate]. This letter serves as an invitation not to renew or renew the lease and I will plow the property at the latest under the name [Exit.Date]. Let`s start with rentals governed by section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act; these are fixed-term leases if a natural person is involved in the transaction, it may be either the lessor or the tenant. In these contracts, the tenant would have the right to terminate in writing the tenancy agreement with the landlord`s letter for 20 working days, but the landlord has the right to demand an appropriate withdrawal sentence from the tenant. The appropriate penalty would be an amount agreed upon by the parties under the lease, or if the lease is silent on this subject, the lessor will have a claim on the tenant because of the actual damage (financial loss) of the lessor, provided that he can prove that he tried to mitigate as much as possible his injury. Undressing it before your lease is concluded can be exhausting, but there are many ways to try to end it prematurely. Read your rental to see if it contains a buy-back clause with details of what you need to do to terminate your lease prematurely. It can include your landlord`s advance announcement and payment of a tax, such as a 2-month rent. If you are unsure of the terms, ask your landlord for their interpretation of the agreement.

Then follow the terms and conditions to terminate your lease. If your lease does not have a termination clause, go to your landlord to negotiate a termination. You can offer your deposit as compensation if your landlord is not willing to agree to have you terminated.