2.4 The duration of an offer or offer must be indicated in the offer. If a validity period is omitted, all offers or offers are open for acceptance for 48 hours from the date of issuance and subject to the pre-booking of the aircraft and other specified conditions at the time of booking. If the flight was carried out by the charterer or someone, which acts, is prevented or delayed on its behalf, including (but not limited to) a passenger arriving more than 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time, the charter price remains payable and the airline may, at its discretion and without any responsibility, take the flight or choose to delay the flight, in which case the charterer will fly a daily flight of two and a half hours at the current flight price. The charterer: Any person, company or corporate charter organization or offer to charter any airline aircraft. 15.1.1 20% of the charter price with immediate effect 2.05 AIRCRAFT SAFETY. The pilot of the aircraft is authorized to take all necessary measures to ensure safety. The pilot-in-command, in agreement with CARRIER and in accordance with CARRIER manuals and procedures approved by the government`s well-known authority, has final discretion and authority over the operation of the aircraft, including, but not limited to all matters relating to the denern, loading, cargo and distribution, whether, and how, a flight should be flown, if the indicated route is deviated, where the landings are to take place, whether the passage or aircraft departs, any person whose condition may pose a danger or risk to himself, other passengers or property, and any other issue that must affect the operation of the aircraft. This provision by the pilot is binding on CHARTERER and for all passengers. 15.1.3 50% of the charter price, if the flight is cancelled 48 hours before departure 7.7 The charterer acknowledges to the mediator that he recognizes that the intermediary acts only as an intermediary for the airline and that the intermediary is in no way responsible for the actions, omissions or failures of the airline or the inability of the airline to fulfil its obligations under that obligation. “aircraft,” any aircraft currently operating as part of a flight; 3.01 CHARTER PRICE – SET. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the charter price includes all operating costs of the aircraft on the intended route, as well as incidental costs, such as fuel, on-board equipment and catering, air and air assistance, aircraft maintenance, navigation and overflight charges, airport charges, crew costs (including salaries, hotel and ground transfers), carrier liability and hull insurance, and taxes and royalties, other than fees collected by each passenger. The charter price does not include, if applicable, (i) U.S.

domestic transportation taxes, U.S. segment taxes, U.S. security taxes, U.S. arrival taxes, U.S. customs usage duties, U.S. agriculture (APHIS) user fees, passenger transportation (PFCs) and taxes, taxes or taxes; (ii) transport of people, accommodation or services before departure or after arrival; or (iii) anti-ice/de-icing costs in section 3.03.