7. It is not for the owner of the vehicle to terminate the contract by confiscating the vehicle or, in Ghanaian parlity, by asking the driver to “park the car”! No no! Moreover, if the driver paid more than half the purchase price and did not commit any fault for inviting such a seizure of the vehicle. If the owner terminates a contract without good cause, the driver could take legal action against the recovery of the money owed to him under the agreement. Note that the agreement between the work vehicle and the pay vehicle varies from one car dealership to another. They sell, exchange and rent cars to Ghanaians. They also offer work and payment options for interested customers. They have flexible work and pay options for anyone who wants to own their own car. We did extensive research and compiled a list of the best providers of work and cost services in Ghana on how to get a car for businesses, taxis and Uber, payment options and other relevant information. In Kwarteng v Sei (1966) GLR 42-50, Djabanor J describes “work and wages” as follows: “In fact, it is a system, where the owner of the vehicle hands over the vehicle to another driver, usually a driver, provided that the driver works with the vehicle by being driven by tenants or their goods for hire or both and by paying the profit or more of it to the owner until the agreed price is paid… The vehicle is transmitted correctly to the driver. Please, I am a poultry farmer I can access three-wheelers for work and salary. He`s my contact. 0557976204/0548843367 Thank you, ma`am.

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