A. In all cases where a child has been entrusted to local social services or a child welfare service in accordance with Articles 63.2-903 or 63.2-1817, a request for approval of the delegation agreement by the Board of Directors or agency: C. A delegation agreement on the termination of parental rights and obligations to the child applies: even if it is not signed by the father of the birth of a child, if the child has been convicted of an offence in Subsection A of Section A, p. 2 to 61, p. 18.2-63, Subsection B of p. 18.266 , or for an equivalent offence committed by another state, the United States. or a foreign jurisdiction, and the child was conceived as the consequence of such an injury. The board of directors or agency establishes a care plan. 16.1-281, which is heard for any request for approval of a delegation contract. The Tribunal`s decision authorizing a permanent delegation agreement has the effect of terminating the other parental rights of a confident parent.

Any provision to terminate parental rights is accompanied by an order (i) to maintain or grant custody to a local social services council or a licensed child placement agency or (ii) the granting of custody or guardianship to a person with a legitimate interest. Such an order, which pursues custody of the children or gives rise to a local social services council or a licensed mediation for children, indicates whether that council or authority has the authority to subject the child to adoption and consent. A final decision to terminate parental rights in accordance with this section makes the approved delegation agreement irrevocable. This order may be appealed in accordance with the provisions of p. 16, para. 1 to 296. The participation agreements between and between the effective shareholder and the designated nominal shareholder were permanently constructed and were effectively approved and approved by the parties signed to these agreements. (2) within a reasonable period of time, which cannot exceed 30 days from the end of a delegation contract for a period of 90 days or more or for an unspecified period, if such a delegation agreement does not provide for the termination of all parental rights and obligations towards the child; and D.