3. The practice agreement also provides for a procedure for assessing the medical assistant`s performance, including a requirement that indicates the time frame that is proportional to the discontinuation of care and the practice in which the supervisory physician checks the benefits provided by the medical assistant. In Virginia, a licensed medical assistant has the right to prescribe controlled substances and devices for calendars II to VI. The Board of Directors requires the completion of an acceptable pharmacology training of at least 35 hours. The work protocol application must include a standardization request that constitutes a written agreement with the medical officer on the follow-up of the assistant`s prescription practices. B. The room may request information on the degree of supervision by which the physician who needs supervision intends to supervise the medical assistant for selected tasks. The Chamber may also require the attending physician to document the assistant`s competence in performing such tasks. Virginia allows the practice of teledentistei.

(Recently adopted; D. If the original practice agreement does not contain a normative authority, there is an endorsement to the practice agreement for the standards management authority. Before having full independent practical authority, NPAs must complete five years of full-time clinical experience as a licensed nurse as part of a practice agreement with a physician. (Status not updated with effect as of July 1, 2018) Virginia requires an up-to-date active license to practice medical assistance. The Board of Directors no longer requires that practical agreements be submitted for approval prior to the fiscal year. However, a practice agreement must be drawn up by the medical assistant and the supervisory physician, kept in the office or by both parties and available to the House upon request. Similarly, invasive procedure forms must no longer be submitted to the Board of Directors until the physician`s assistant performs these procedures under constant supervision. However, the procedure for a doctor who certifies that an assistant is able to perform the invasive procedure safely and competently, for example.

B the observation of the doctor who performs the procedure at least three times, remains an obligation of the treating physician. A form for each invasive procedure must be completed and kept in the office or by the parties and be available to the House upon request. You must submit a written request for a copy of your work protocol, with the name of your monitoring physician. Since August 2018, 71 NPEs in Virginia have received a federal waiver for the treatment of opioid addiction with products containing buprenorphine. In accordance with its standardization power and with appropriate training or experience, an NP may, in independent practice, obtain a federal waiver declaration to distribute products containing buprenorphine.