(b) subsection (a) does not apply to the single intermodal exchange and access agreement to facilities managed by the Intermodal Association of North America, nor to any other agreement providing for the exchange, use or possession of chassis, containers or other intermodal equipment.” Tennessee. CODE ANN. No. 65-15-108 (2008). The only typical industry contract that regulates the exchange of equipment between intermodal HGV companies and equipment suppliers (ocean carriers, railways and equipment rental companies). Participation in the UIIA improves operational efficiency and makes the management of several exchange contracts and insurance declarations redundant. The UIIA is used by 95% of the top 100 modes of shipping and all major railways. Participation in the UIIA allows air carriers to conduct operations with rail and marine carriers. The UIIA also makes it unnecessary for road transport companies to be forced to enter into separate exchange agreements with individual OEMs. In addition, the number of insurance certificates to be submitted will be reduced. UIIA currently has more than 8,000 engine carriers and 52 signatory equipment suppliers and is used for about 95% of all North American intermodal equipment exchanges.

The UIIA is constantly evolving. Whether you are an engine conveyor using replacement equipment or a supplier of replacement equipment for engines, it is important that you follow ongoing UIIA revisions. The UIIA program is managed by the North American Intermodal Association (“IANA”), a transportation association that represents the combined interests of the intermodal freight industry. The UIIA is a standard exchange contract that has been designed to promote intermodal productivity and operational efficiency through the development of uniform industrial processes and procedures for the exchange of intermodal equipment between shipping agencies, railways, equipment leasing companies and intermodal HGV companies. See www.uiia.org. A copy of the UIIA and a request to participate in the UIIA program are available under www.uiia.org. Are you a motor carrier that exchanges intermodal equipment with shipping or railways? Do you use someone else`s chassis or containers? Are you a party to the Uniform Intermodal Interchange – Facilities Access Agreement (die “UIIA”)? Whether you are already a member of the UIIA or want to become a party, there is some information you need to know. The UIIA is a standard contract between HGV companies, derailment companies or other airlines that use chassis, containers or other intermodal (user) equipment, on the one hand, and shipping companies, railways or leasing companies that provide such intermodal equipment (providers). The UIIA covers liability and other issues related to the exchange of intermodal equipment, such as the post JC container and chassis, between the parties.