6.1 Any change in the terms of the contract is valid or binding, unless it is made by a prior written agreement between the shipyard and the owner. For more advice on lending or renting your horse, please contact the British Horse Society (Tel: 08701 202244). 1. General – Information to be included in each vernification contract: Second, it serves as a record of what has been agreed, so that it can help to avoid any misunderstanding as soon as the loan is in effect and before the problems become uncontrollable. The use of a formal written document may seem unnecessary among friends, but it is in the interest of both parties, long-standing friendship and the horse. Be sure to consider all the factors before borrowing your horse, especially the horse`s ability, as well-being is of the utmost importance. Does your horse, for example, have a disease that requires specialized care, or is your horse older and going to a mate? Your horse will be out of your daily control, and there have been occasions when horses have been loaned to people considered trustworthy, but the horse unfortunately ends up in a neglected state. We always recommend asking for references for potential credit homes, looking at the loan at home, and then visiting your horse regularly to check their health and well-being. 3.1 The owner ensures that the horse is stocked with all the issues described in the schedules (this will expose the owner`s responsibilities to your horse, the services provided by the shipyard, the cost of using the services, a profile of your horse and a daily breakdown of your horse`s dosing routine and will be determined in four parts). the horse during the loan period. If the owner wishes to be consulted before the borrower moves the horse to another farm, this must be included. Are you going to ride that horse in the streets? If so, the shoe will be needed and it can cost more than $700 a year. How many times do you have to cut the horse`s hooves? What balance of food you need to give the horse – a horse meal is more of a grass spot from the back.

All of this will probably be your responsibility, so you will receive the details in writing. Horse owners may end up with a horse they grew up with but don`t want to sell.