“A company uses an accountant to make its books. When acting for his client, the accountant is responsible for the processing of personal data in accounts. This is because accountants and other professional service providers work under a number of professional obligations that require them to take responsibility for the personal data they process. The accountant can be held. B to report wrongdoing by the police or other authorities, depending on the nature of its supervisory obligations. In doing so, an accountant would not act on the client`s instruction, but in accordance with his own professional obligations and therefore as responsible for the treatment himself. Under EU law, supervisors must be independent of their clients. This means that reviewers determine why they need to use personal data and how that data is processed or stored. Given this independence, auditors must be considered responsible for the treatment of the RGPD. In addition, the data manager informs, as far as possible and in law, the data manager when a request for information on the data held is requested by the agencies to which they should make it available (request for access to data). The data manager will respond to these requests as soon as they have been authorized by the data manager. The data processor will also not disclose information about this agreement unless the data processor is legally required. B to do so, by court order.

See responsibilities for processing managers and data publishers in our publication. As part of the application supply, the data manager is required to always provide the customer with appropriate solutions to accompany the further development of his business through the use of the service. The data manager tracks how the client uses the application to make the best proposals, provide relevant services at all times and engage in the most accurate communication to achieve continuous ease of use and satisfaction. To the extent that the processing of the application`s personal data is one of them, it will only be processed in accordance with this data protection authority and applicable legislation and will only be transmitted in the manner necessary to provide a better customer experience. 5 Confidentiality 5.1 The supplier must treat personal data confidentially. 3 Supplier Requirements 3.1 Supplier must process personal data in accordance with Denmark`s data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulations, as soon as it comes into force Accounting.dk. , CVR nr.: 30005163, Herker 26, Plan 3, 2730 Herlev (the “provider”), set referred to as “parts” and “part” separately: 3.12 The physical locations of servers, service centers, etc., used for the processing of personal data, are indicated by the supplier in Schedule 1. The supplier is required to inform the customer in writing before changing the physical location. This does not require a formal change to Schedule 1.